Inclusive Research by Design offers a variety of courses to expand your understanding of the values, and ideologies of technology design.  

Recently, folks have become aware that many technology infrastructures, products, and processes work better for cis-gender, heterosexual, white men than other demographics. This is a missed opportunity to create innovations that create high economic and social value in our society because:

  • Women are approximately 50% of the world's population
  • Persons with disabilities represent 15% of the world's population [1].
  • In the US, the population is 13% Black or African-American [2]
  • Also 4.5% of the US population identifies as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender) [3]

The goal of these inclusive technology design courses is to expand your imagination and knowledge to create designs that work better for your targeted demographic. Completing a course results in a printable certificate and digital credentials you can post to LinkedIn and many other social media channels.


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